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Dan Rubin
Dan Rubin Event chair

Welcome to BIRDIE!

Speaker session
Kevin Meredith AKA Lomokev

Making the change from amateur to professional

Kevin didn’t study photography at university, but slowly turned his hobby into a career. In this session Kevin will talk about his use of social media, obscure cameras, and how he became well known to the point of securing work with a diverse range of clients such as Dr Martens, Dell, BFI and O2. He’ll also share some of his serendipitous moments, including getting several books published internationally.

Interview session

Tom Seymour interviews Dan Rubin!

Editor of fltr and BJP contributor Tom Seymour interviews Dan Rubin about his journey as a photographer, how instant sharing has changed the photographic community, and the future of photography.

Coffee break

Speaker session
Katja Ogrin
Katja Ogrin Music photographer

First three, no flash

Live music photographer Katja Ogrin shows a selection of her favourite photographs and talks about the highs and lows of life in a photo pit.

Speaker session
Naomi Korn
Naomi Korn Copyright Expert

Copyright, photography and the Digital Age

Naomi will explore the nature of copyright in the 21st Century, the role of Creative Commons licences and how photographers can protect their rights, whilst exploring innovative internet-based business models.

Speaker Session
Conor MacNeill
Conor MacNeill Astrophotographer

Chasing the night sky

With astrophotography becoming more popular, we see more and more photos of the night sky, but rarely hear about some of the stories and adventures that go into taking these shots. Conor will talk about his travels around the world, facing unpleasant conditions and chasing cosmic phenomena such as the northern lights.

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Pop out to one of the many lovely eateries around the Square – we’ll have some special discounts organised for you.

Welcome back
Dan Rubin
Dan Rubin Event Chair

Speaker session
Stevyn Colgan
Stevyn Colgan QI Elf & Author

A Quite Interesting alternative history of photography

The first person to be photographed was a fluke. The first ‘selfie’ wasn’t a solo effort. The man behind Kodak banned Friday the 13th from his factories. The history of photography is littered with bizarre stories and notable eccentrics. In this talk, Stevyn Colgan – oddly-spelled author, artist, QI ‘elf’ and writer of BBC Radio 4’s ‘Museum of Curiosity’ – takes us through a less well-known history of photography where you’ll meet mums disguised as sofas, chuckling Victorians and the Top 10 weirdest postcards ever.

Speaker session
Agatha A. Nitecka
Agatha A. Nitecka Film still photographer

Film on film

Agatha will explain the role of the film still photographer and show some examples of her work. Along the way she’ll touch on subjects which all creatives might identify with – how sometimes the perfect job finds us when we didn’t even know it existed, how the medium we choose to work with represents our mindset, and how our personality might suit some types of photography but not all of them.

Coffee break

Speaker session
Chris Wild
Chris Wild Retronaut

Holding a smile 'til the sun goes down

How the two hundred year journey from eight hour exposure to iPhone has changed what we see around us

In 1826, the first known photograph was taken and its exposure time was so long that the image captured the sun’s path as it traversed the sky. Today we create a near infinite number of images in the same time frame, each with less than a moment’s thought. Has our ability to chop time and light into ever smaller slices fundamentally changed the way we see our world, and ourselves? Chris Wild, curator of, draws on his experience curating thousands of “time capsules” of archive images to reveal what has changed through our lens – and remains the same.

Dan Rubin
Dan Rubin Event Chair

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